Diary October 5, 1943

Fw 190 G of Schlachtgeschwader 2 'Immelmann'

Fw 190 F and G like here of Schlachtgeschwader 2 ‘Immelmann’ take over from mid 1943 increasingly the task of the Stukas in the close-support role for the ground forces at the Eastern Front.

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, October 5, 1943:

Air War

Eastern Front: Stuka units re-designated Schlachtgeschwader and restricted to low-level night ground-attack duties.

Sea War

Atlantic: U-boat U-389 sunk by RAF B-24 Liberator with depth-charges.
Pacific: 6 carriers of TF 14 launch massive air strikes against Wake Island (26 aircraft lost).

Supremacy 1914

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