Diary October 6, 1918

wounded Allied soldiers are evacuated on horse-carts

Two of the last wounded Allied soldiers are evacuated on horse-carts in Syria or Palestine.

World War One Diary for Sunday, October 6, 1918:

Middle East

Syria: DMC occupies Rayak and Zahle (177 PoWs), 30 burnt planes at former.

Eastern Front

USSR: British Petrograd officials reach Swedish border.
Southern Russia: ­Trotsky recalls Stalin from Tsaritsyn to Moscow (until October 11), returns till October 19.

Air War

Western Front: US airmen Bleckley and Foettler posthumously awarded CMH (US Congress Medal of Honor) for suicidal supply-dropping mission to ‘Lost Battalion’ at Binarville on October 2, 1918.

Home Fronts

India: Record of 768 flu deaths in Bombay on this day.

Supremacy 1914

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