Diary September 10, 1917

British ships of the Orion class

British ships of the Orion class in Moray Firth, Scotland, while American ships are in the background.

World War One Diary for Monday, September 10, 1917:

Sea War

North Sea: US Atlantic Fleet C-in-C Admiral Mayo visits Grand Fleet (since September 9).
Mediterranean: German U-boats ordered not to attack unescorted Allied hospital ships (Spanish naval officer commissioners now placed aboard to ensure neutrality).
Baltic: 2 destroyers sent from Reval to protect Petrograd against Kornilov; most officers sign loyalty oath to Provisional Government but 4 shot for refusing. Revolutionary Execution created.

Southern Fronts

Albania: French troops enter Pogradec, on southwest side of Lake Ochrid.

Home Fronts

Germany: Hindenburg and ­Ludendorff note to Chancellor and War Minister; many exempted workers to be called up by spring without cutting munitions production.

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