Diary September 20, 1916

Gassed and Wounded

Gassed and Wounded, a British painting.

Diary for Wednesday, September 20, 1916:

Western Front

Battle of the Somme: Rawlinson delays next Fourth Army attack to September 23, he and Haig agree that British cavalry should be withdrawn. Fierce German counter-attack almost retakes Bouchavesnes but driven out after desperate fighting. Canadian Corps pull out of line after 6,000 casualties but fighting again on September 26.

Eastern Front

Rumania: Government requests French Military Mission, now 38 Central Powers divisions facing her.
Brusilov Offensive, Pripet: Germans repulsed near KovelRovno railway and along river Stokhod.

Sea War

Baltic: Much abler Vice Admiral A J Nepenin replaces Kanin as Russian Baltic Fleet C-in-C, but Supreme War Council forbids intensified submarine offensive.

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