Diary February 13, 1918

Freedom of the seas

Poster glibly assuring Germany that their army would win the freedom of the seas.

World War One Diary for Wednesday, February 13, 1918:

Western Front

Germany: Ludendorff promises Kaiser victory in proposed spring offensive.
Champagne: ­French finally eliminate Tahure­-Butte du Mesnil Salient, US guns give fire support, 177 PoWs. German counter-attack on February 18.

Eastern Front

Germany: Bad Homburg Crown Council decides on further advance into Russia, Kaiser demands Bolsheviks be ‘beaten to death’.
Don: Kaledin commits suicide at Novocherkassk, having raised only 147 Cossack volunteers, Nazarov elected Ataman (until February 25).

Sea War

Adriatic: Around this day submarine Bemouilli probably lost to mines.

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