Do 335 Arrow

Dornier ‘Pfeil’ (Arrow) Fighter-bomber of the German Luftwaffe.

Do 335 Arrow

A Dornier Do 335 ‘Arrow’ from EKdo335, the trial unit.

Germany-flagDornier Do 335 Arrow (Pfeil)
Type: German fighter-bomber, long-range fighter, heavy fighter, zerstörer (destroyer), night fighter, reconnaissance plane.


Dornier acquired a patent within 1937 to have a plane operated by 2 motors, a single one right behind the first engine, inside the fuselage, as driving tractor and pusher props.
In 1939-40 Schempp-Hirth constructed the Go 9 experience plane to check the idea of a rear prop powered by an extension canal and in 1941 efforts started on the Do 231 fighter-bomber.
It was substituted with the Dornier 335 Pfeil (means ‘Arrow’) and after the early flight tests Dornier got requests for fourteen prototypes, 10 pre-production A-0s, eleven serial A-1s as well as 3 dual-control trainer A-10 and A-12 using stepped tandem cockpits.

At top speed the Dornier 335 Arrow had been vulnerable to uncomfortable purposing as well as snaking, however manufacturing went on with the A-1 fighter-bomber, the A-4 reconnaissance aircraft along with the A-6 night fighter equipped FuG 220 radar, which rear-seat crew member used in action.
Nevertheless heavy, the Do335 was powerful and extremely speedy and it is noteworthy of having the very first serial kind of ejection seat.

Just by end of WW2 around 90 Do 335’s had been introduced, above 60 were flown resulting in 20 transferred to combat units.
The fighter’ ace’ Pierre meet with a Do 335 Arrow in April 1945. He talks about it, that he was flying in a bunch with 4 Hawker Tempest fighters when he saw a single Do 335 traveling at maximum speed at low-level above the trees. Regardless of his fighter’s great speed at low altitudes, they were unable to intercept or even come close to the Arrow.

Efforts seemed to be good progressed on a variety of types of the Do 335B heavy fighter, with extra 30mm MK108 cannon inside the wings (a few getting two-stage engines plus long-span wings), the Do 435 with different extremely effective engines, plus the twinned Do 635 using 2 Do 335 fuselages connected with a fresh designed simultaneous centre-section. The Do 635, that was being created and manufactured by Junkers as the Ju 8-635, might have weighed 72,000 lb, being a reconnaissance plane and flown 4,050 miles at cruising speed of 398mph.

Users: Germany (Luftwaffe).

Animated 3D model Dornier 335 Arrow

Specifications Dornier Do 335 A-1 Pfeil (Arrow)

Do 335 A-1 Specification
Type fighter-bomber
Power plantTwo 1,900 hp Daimler-Benz DB 603G 12-cylinder inverted-vee liquid-cooled engines, in push/pull arrangement
Accommodation 1
Wing span 45 ft 4 in
Length overall 45 ft 6 in
Height overall 16 ft 4 in
Wing area (A-0) 414.41 sq/ft
Weight empty16,314 lb
Weight maximum loaded25,800 lb
Max. wing loading (A-0) 50.59 lb/sq ft
Max. power loading (A-0) 5.99 lb/hp
Maximum speed477 mph (455 mph at 23,295 ft for A-0)
Cruising speed413 mph (393 mph at 18,700 ft for A-0)
Initial climb4,600 ft/min
Time to 26,245 ft14.5 min
Service ceiling37,400 ft (31,170 ft for A-0)
Range1,280 miles (2,330 miles with drop tank)
Do 335 A-1 Specification
through front propeller hubOne 30mm MK103 (420 rpm; velocity 2,820 ft/sec)
above noseTwo 15mm MG151/15 (700 rpm; velocity 3,131 ft/sec)
Service statistics
Do 335 Arrow data
First flight (Do335 V1) autumn 1943
Production delivery late November 1944
Final delivery May 1945
Total production figure (all)Total: 90

Video from the action with Do 335 ‘Arrow’ in video games

Mission with Jagdpanther and Do 335 B-2 (from minute 2:45) in a ‘Realistic Ground Battle’ of the free2play game War Thunder:

Who does not know the F2P tank and plane war game War Thunder can download it from here for free:


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