Me 109 F

Germany-flagGerman Luftwaffe Messerschmitt Bf 109 F fighter plane.
History, development, service, specifications, pictures and 3D model.

e 109 F is standing outside a hangarette camouflaged as a barn

This Me 109 F is standing outside a hangarette camouflaged as a barn at an airfield in northern France.

Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4
Type: German Luftwaffe fighter plane.


During the period of the manufacturing of the Me 109 E for the German Luftwaffe, Messerschmitt was creating what was to turn into the best of the many variants, the Me 109 F. Operated by either a 1,200hp DB 601N or a I,350hp DB 601E power plant, the Me 109 F shown a significant progress over previously models when it comes to both performance and cleanliness of line, and finally offered the Luftwaffe a fighter that could outmaneuver the Spitfire V.

The complete fuselage had been better aerodynamically, concluding in a more curved rudder, an unbraced tailplane along with a retractable tail-wheel; the wings, of marginally improved span, were curved off at the tips; and performance at all altitudes was superior to that of previous versions.

Manufacturing series ran from F-1 to F-6, with a variety of sub-types. Several F-series planes were utilised as testbeds, the products examined including BMW 801 (radial) and Jumo 213 motors, a V-type tail device, rocket weapons, and a nosewheel landing gear.

A prototype never flown, but none the less of fascination, was the Me 109 Z of 1943, by which a pair of Me 109 Fs were ‘twinned’ by linking them by a fresh, common wing centre-section and tailplane, the single pilot being intended to take up a cockpit in the port fuselage.

By 1942 the Me 109 F had been replaced in manufacturing and service by the most numerous model, the Me 109 G, called ‘Gustav’.

Users: German Luftwaffe (for Bf 109 F).

Animated 3D model Me 109 F

Specifications Messerschmitt Bf 109 F-4

Me 109 F-4 Specification
Type single-seat fighter
Power plant one 1,350 hp Daimler Benz DB601E-1 inverted-vee-12 liquid-cooled engine
Accommodation 1
Wing span 32 ft 6.7 in (9.92 m)
Length overall 29 ft 0.3 in (8.84 m)
Height overall 8 ft 6.0 in (2.59 m)
Wing area 174.38 sq/ft (16,20 m²)
Weight empty equipped 5,269 lb (2,390 kg)
Weight loaded 6,393 lb (2,900 kg)
Maximum wing loading 36.66 lb/sq ft (179.01 kg/m²)
Maximum power loading 4.73 lb/hp (2.14 kg/hp)
Maximum speed 388 mph at 21,325 ft (625 km/hr at 6,500 m)
Cruising speed 355 mph at 16,405 ft (585 km/hr at 5,000 m)
Time to height 16,405 ft (5,000 m) in 5.2 min
Service ceiling 39,375 ft (12,000 m)
Range 528 miles (850 km) with 300-liters drop tank
Me 109 F-4 Specification
above engine 2 x 15.1mm MG151 machine guns (700 rpm, velocity 3,131 ft/sec)
through propeller hub 1 x 20mm MG FF (540 rpm)
optional in fairings under wings 2 x 20mm MG151/20 machine guns (720 rpm, velocity 1,920 ft/sec)
Service statistics
Me 109 F data
First flight prototype July 1940
Production delivery 1941
Service delivery Spring 1941
First combat reports May 1941
Final delivery 1942
Price per unit RM 100,000 = c. $45,000 = c. £ 11,250
Total production figure (all) 35,000+ (of these 30,480 during WW2)
Accepted by Luftwaffe 1/39-12/44 (all) 29,350
Production 1941 (all variants) 2,764
Production 1942 (all variants) 2,665
Me 109's in First Line Units 20.9.42 1,074
Me 109's in First Line Units 31.12.42 700 (still 90 Me 109 F)
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