War Diary December 2, 1914

Spee off Cape Horn

Spee’s German East Asia Squadron off Cape Horn.

War Diary for Wednesday, December 2, 1914:

Sea War

South Atlantic: Spee’s East Asia squadron surrounding the Horn in the night of December 1-2. East of the Horn cruiser Leipzig captures Scottish 3-masted barque Drummuir, takes her 2800t coal between December 1-6. Spee decides to raid Falkland Islands.

Western Front

Flanders: Allied guns smash German troop-carrying rafts on the Yser near Dixmude (and on December 7).
Lorraine: French advance west of Metz; they capture Xon and Lesmesnils.
Alsace: French capture Aspach, occupy Burnhaupt and advance on Altkirch on next day.

Eastern Front

Tsar visits STAVKA and dines with Allied attaches.
Galicia: Roth’s (XIV Corps) 24,500 men in 4 divisions including German 47th Reserve Division, Polish Legion with cavalry, flank and stop Radko’s Third Army drive on Cracow until December 6.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Having received small Allied ammo stocks via Bulgaria, Putnik orders general Serb counter-offensive for December 3 ‘to restore the morale of our soldiers’. King Peter enters trenches with rifle and 50 rounds, inspiring patriotic feeling.

African Fronts

Cameroons: French occupy Kribi; minor German attacks fail on December 5 and 9.
East Africa: Germans defeat Belgian attack on Rwanda.

Air War

Western Front: Lt Marc Pourpe, celebrated French prewar stunt pilot, killed with Escadrille N23.

Home Fronts

Germany: The delegate Leibknecht alone votes against Reichstag 2nd war credits bill (RM 5bn).

Call of War

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