War Diary December 24, 1914

Christmas truce 1914

British and German soldiers fraternized in the middle of no-man’s land around Ypres in Belgium during the 1914 Christmas truce. It continued for up to a week until the military authorities ordered it to be stamped out.

War Diary World War One for Thursday, December 24, 1914:

Western Front

Champagne: French 33rd Infantry Division clears Bois des Moutons with bayonet.
Flanders: ­’CHRISTMAS TRUCE (unofficial). Sniffily dismissed by British War Office as the ‘Fraternization episode’
Meuse: French gains at Consen­voye.

Eastern Front

Hungary: Reported Rumanian rising in Transylvania.

Middle East

Armenia: Myshlayeyski and Yudenich from Tiflis reach Bergmann’s HQ on frontier. Enver reaches Bardiz inside Russian frontier with 29th Division; 17th Division has 40% stragglers.


Britain: Government recognizes French Morocco Protectorate.

Home Fronts

Russia: 1915 conscripts called up.
Germany: XXXIX­-XLI Reserve Corps formed.

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