War Diary January 15, 1915

Killed French soldier

A killed French soldier, a victim of the countless attacks.

War Diary WW2 for Friday, January 15, 1915:

Western Front

Artois: Germans recover some trenches on Notre Dame de Lorette ridge and at Carency, held for a month by the French. Foch writes to Joffre: ‘My formula is: work for the staff, rest for the troops’.
Champagne: Since November 15, French have advanced 1,000 yards near Perthes after c. 12 attacks and 20 counter-attacks.

Middle East

Armenia: Battle of Kara Urgan ends.

Sea War

Dardanelles: French submarine Saphir sunk after hitting a mine.


Italian-Rumanian mutual support agreement announced.
Greek London Ambassador says ‘Greece absolutely devoted to England’s cause’.

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