War Diary November 12, 1914

French PoW's 1914

French PoW’s pull back in front of a German military band.

War Diary of World War One for Thursday, November 12, 1914:

Western Front

Flanders: German official communique for November 11 claims: ‘In the neighbourhood east of Ypres our troops advanced further. A total of more than 700 French were taken . . . and Hill 60‘. No mention made of supreme effort hurled against BEF, nor of any Prussian Guard attack.
Brigade-General FitzClarence, VC, killed leading night counter-attack against Prussian Guard, east of Nonne Boschen and Glencorse Wood, nicknamed ‘GOC Menin Road by his men.

Eastern Front

Grand Duke Nicholas orders invasion for November 14.
East Prussia: ­Russians enter Johannisburg south of Masurian Lakes.
Poland: ­Lechitski’s Ninth Army occupies Miechow near Cracow. Tsar inspects Ivangorod fortress.

Southern Fronts

Serbia: Putnik orders retreat to river Kolubara line (entrenched since early August).
Herzegovina: Austrians beat Montenegrins at Grahovo on border.

African Fronts

South Africa: Botha’s 6000 men surprise and rout De Wet’s 3500 rebels (600 casualties including 22 killed) in Mushroom Valley 60 miles northeast of Bloemfontein and 18 miles southeast of Winburg.


Britain: Foreign minister Grey informs Russia that Bosporus Straits and Constantinople will be hers.
Norway, Sweden, Denmark: all 3 Scandinavian neutrals agree on protest notes against Allied blockade.
Holland: Government protests against London Declaration changes.

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