War Diary October 28, 1914

Austrian war postcard

Austro-hungarian war postcard: ‘At the enemy !’

War Diary of World War One for Wednesday, October 28, 1914:

Eastern Front

Poland: Russians recover Lodz and Radom (by Cossacks).
Galicia: Austrians beaten at Sambor. Re-supply of Przemysl (until November 4) with 128 trainloads.

Western Front

8 German battalions (14th Division) enter Neuve Chapelle, capture Kruseik south of Ypres-Menin road. Indian Corps relieves battered II Corps. French Eighth Army attack north of Ypres­-Roulers railway and gains little ground for 2,000 casualties.

Sea War

Indian Ocean: German light cruiser Emden raids Penang roadstead (Malaya), torpedoes and sinks old Russian cruiser Zhemchug and French destroyer Mousquet (28 survivors).

Home Fronts

Britain: Cabinet agrees to keep battleship Audacious sinking from previous day secret, but a photo will be published in an US newspaper on November 14.
France: Central Office for Unemployed and Refugees.
Canada: Alien enemies to register.

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