WW2 War Diary

moment of death on the battlefield

The moment of death on the battlefield, as it happend every day thousands of times in this or a other way.

WW2 War Diary, the day-by-day chronology of World War2.

WW2 War Diary is an accurate day-by-day chronology of the events from Friday, September 1, 1939 to Sunday, September 30, 1945. The work on this war diary was started on September 1, 2009 and was finished on September 30, 2015. Every day a new entry with the events of the same day – 70 years ago – was added.

The total number of entries in the War Diary WW2 has exceed 6,300. These are divided into eight categories – Land Campaigns; Sea War; Air War; Home Fronts; Occupied Countries; Secret War; Politics; and Neutrals.
Every effort has been made to check facts, statistics, ranks and designations against the last published researches, documentation or official war diaries (eg from OKW, Wehrmacht), but everybody should bear in mind that mystery and controversy still surround many famous events and incidents. Therefore, the war diary is also continuously updated and expanded.

WW2 War Diary:

Diary July 24, 1944

Refugees Italy

WW2 War Diary for Monday, July 24, 1944: Italy Americans reach Pisa. Sea War Pacific Americans land on Tinian (Mariana Islands). Home Front Germany Wehrmacht ordered to use Nazi salute. learn more

Diary July 24, 1914

boiling kettle' of the Balkans

World War One Diary for Friday, July 24, 1914: POLITICS: SERBIA Prince Alexander of Serbia cables Tsar for help. Russian and Serb Councils of Ministers meet. Latter receive Sazonov telegram pledging aid, but Tsar must decide and France must be… learn more

Diary July 23, 1944

ovens at Majdanek

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, July 23, 1944: Russian Front 3rd Belorussian Front captures Pskov. 1st Belorussian Front captures Lublin and Maidanek extermination camp. Occupied France Resistance sets fire to Engelbert tyre factory at Choisy-au-Bac. learn more

Diary July 23, 1914

World War One Diary for Thursday, July 23, 1914: POLITICS: AUSTRIA AUSTRIAN ULTIMATUM TO SERBIA presented at Belgrade by Austrian Minister Baron Giesl. Agreement to its 10 points demanded within 48 hours. Serb Prime Minister Pasic away electioneering in provinces… learn more

Diary July 22, 1944

German post 1944 at the French coast

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, July 22, 1944: Occupied France SS destroy village of St Gingolph. learn more

Diary July 22, 1914

World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 22, 1914: POLITICS: RUSSIA Russian Foreign Minister Sazonov warns Vienna against drastic action against Serbia. POLITICS: GERMANY Austrian Berlin Ambassador shows German Foreign Minister Jagow the ultimatum, which he approves. POLITICS: BRITAIN British… learn more

Diary July 21, 1944

US Marines on the beach of Guam.

WW2 War Diary for Friday, July 21, 1944: Sea War Pacific AMERICANS LAND ON GUAM (Mariana Islands). Home Front Germany Himmler appointed commander of Home Army; Guderian, COGS. Von Stülpnagel, anti-Nazi commander in Paris, commits suicide. Home Front Russia Moscow-based… learn more

Diary JULY 21, 1914

World War One Diary for Tuesday, July 21, 1914: POLITICS: AUSTRIA Conference at Ischl and Budapest on Serbia: Francis Joseph tells Finance Minister ‘Russia cannot swallow it. There’s no mistake about it, it will be a big war’. Russian Ambassador… learn more

Diary July 20, 1944


WW2 War Diary for Thursday, July 20, 1944: Home Front Germany: HITLER NARROWLY ESCAPES ASSASSINATION. Colonel Count von Stauffenberg leaves bomb in conference room at Wolfss­chanze (‘Wolfs Lair‘), Rastenburg, East Prussia. He then flies to Berlin to organize military coup,… learn more

Diary JULY 20, 1914

World War One Diary for Monday, July 20, 1914: POLITICS: RUSSIA Tsar welcomes French President Poincare at Kronstadt naval base west of St Petersburg, evening banquet at Peterhof Palace. POLITICS: FRANCE Mme Caillaux (wife of Finance Minister) tried and acquitted… learn more

Diary July 19, 1944

Browning M1917A1 machine gun in Italy 1944

WW2 War Diary for Wednesday, July 19, 1944: Mediterranean Italy: Leghorn captured by 5th US Army. learn more

Diary, JULY 19, 1914

Special edition of 'Bosnian Post'

World War One Diary for Sunday, July 19, 1914: POLITICS: AUSTRIA Council of Ministers meets secretly at Bertchtold’s house and approves ultimatum final text. It is to be delivered at 18:00 on July 23 when French President Poincare leaves Russia.… learn more

Diary July 18, 1944

British armoured division at Caen

WW2 War Diary for Tuesday, July 18, 1944: Home Front Japan TOJO RESIGNS, General Koiso and Admiral Yonai appointed Co-Premiers, July 19; General Umezu appointed COAGS. Western Front Americans capture St. Lo, south of Cotentin Peninsular. Operation Goodwood: British 2nd… learn more

Diary JULY 18, 1914

World War One Diary for Saturday, July 18, 1914: POLITICS: BRITAIN Spithead Naval Review (18-20 July): King George V reviews 260 Royal Navy ships off Portsmouth. learn more

Diary July 17, 1944

German prisoners walking through Moscow

WW2 War Diary for Monday, July 17, 1944: Western Front: ROMMEL BADLY WOUNDED by low-flying RAF Spitfire fighters. Home Front Russia: 57,000 Germans, captured in Byelorussia, are paraded through streets of Moscow. Russian Front: 1st BR Front reaches Curzon Line… learn more

Diary JULY 17, 1914

Constantinople 1914

World War One Diary for Friday, July 17, 1914: POLITICS: AUSTRIA Report that Serbia has called up 70,000 reservists. Council of Ministers alter ultimatum delivery date to July 23. POLITICS: TURKEY Turk Berlin Embassy informs Constantinopel war not avoidable. learn more

Diary JULY 16, 1914

Richard von Kühlmann, German ambassador in London,

World War One Diary for Thursday, July 16, 1914: POLITICS: AUSTRIA Count Berchtold cables Minister in Sofia to seek Bulgaria’s alliance against Serbia, but envoy fails to see Tsar Ferdinand by July 31. Austrian official to Rome Ambassador ‘we absolutely… learn more

Diary July 16, 1944

German assault guns Eastern Front

WW2 War Diary for Sunday, July 16, 1944: Russian Front: Germans launch fruitless counterattack against 3rd BRF’s bridge-heads over river Niemen. learn more

Diary July 15, 1944

M18 Hellcat in combat in Italy

WW2 War Diary for Saturday, July 15, 1944: Russian Front: Russians halt in Karelian Isthmus. Italy: British 8th Army breaks through at Arezzo and reaches river Arno (July 15-16). 5th US Army approaches the river from southwest. Italian Government returns… learn more

Diary JULY 15, 1914

Austrian commemorative postage stamp

World War One Diary for Wednesday, July 15, 1914: POLITICS: HUNGARY Count Tisza tells Budapest Chamber relations with Serbia ‘must be cleared up’. POLITICS: FRANCE Senat passes £56.3 million military credits plus first general income tax (beginning 1916). learn more