WW2 War Diary

moment of death on the battlefield

The moment of death on the battlefield, as it happend every day thousands of times in this or a other way.

WW2 War Diary, the day-by-day chronology of World War2.

WW2 War Diary is an accurate day-by-day chronology of the events from Friday, September 1, 1939 to Sunday, September 30, 1945. The work on this war diary was started on September 1, 2009 and was finished on September 30, 2015. Every day a new entry with the events of the same day – 70 years ago – was added.

The total number of entries in the War Diary WW2 has exceed 6,300. These are divided into eight categories – Land Campaigns; Sea War; Air War; Home Fronts; Occupied Countries; Secret War; Politics; and Neutrals.
Every effort has been made to check facts, statistics, ranks and designations against the last published researches, documentation or official war diaries (eg from OKW, Wehrmacht), but everybody should bear in mind that mystery and controversy still surround many famous events and incidents. Therefore, the war diary is also continuously updated and expanded.

WW2 War Diary:

Diary April 6, 1915

Diary for Tuesday, April 6, 1915: Eastern Front East Prussia: Russians advance in Niemen border area and progress near Suvalki on April 9. Carpathians: Marwitz’s Beskidenkorps counter-offensive with 2 divisions until April 8 claims 6,000 PoWs, storms Hill 992 (southwest… learn more

Diary April 6, 1945

Kamikaze attack on Missouri

Diary for Friday, April 6, 1945: Sea War Pacific – Operation Kikusui (‘Floating Chrysanthemum’): first of 10 massed Kamikaze attacks on US invasion fleet off Okinawa (April 6-7 to June 21-22). Russian Front Russians enter suburbs of Vienna and launch… learn more

Diary April 6, 1940

loading leaflets in a RAF bomber.

Diary for Saturday, April 6, 1940: Air War RAF Bomber Command ends its leaflet (‘Operation Nickel’) raids on Germany: 65 Million leaflets and propaganda ‘newspapers’ dropped since September 3, 1939. learn more

Diary April 5, 1940

Exercise of German soldiers in rocky terrain

Diary for Thursday, April 5, 1940: Sea War First captured German merchant ship – the Uhenfels (renamed Empire Ability) – brought up river Thames. Politics Anglo-French note to Norway: warning of possible counter-measures against flagrant German violations of Norwegian neutrality. learn more

Diary April 5, 1915

Diary for Monday, April 5, 1915: Western Front Meuse-Argonne: French First and Third Armies attack in very bad weather, aiming to flatten out St Mihiel salient. Little progress against MG fire, barbed wire and mud until April 14. Flanders: Belgians… learn more

Diary April 5, 1945

German soldiers marching into captivity

Diary for Thursday, April 5, 1945: Western Front Allied forces cross river Weser. 18 US divisions begin clearance of Ruhr Pocket. Okinawa US forces, pushing south, encounter first line of Japanese defenses. Home Fronts Japan: Koiso Cabinet falls; Admiral Suzuki… learn more

Diary April 4, 1940

Arthur Neville Chamberlain

Diary for Thursday, April 4, 1940: Home Fronts Britain: Chamberlain tells Conservative Party meeting in London that, by not taking maximum advantage of Germany’s military superiority over Britain in September 1939, Hitler ‘missed the bus’. British trade with the Balkans… learn more

Diary April 4, 1915

Diary for Sunday, April 4, 1915: Western Front Flanders: General Putz takes over Detachement de Belgique (aka Groupement d’Elver­dinghe). General Bülow of German Second Army put on retired list after suffering a stroke, F Below succeeds (until July 19, 1916).… learn more

Diary April 4, 1945

Russian artillery in the Carpathian Mountains

Diary for Wednesday, April 4, 1945: Russian Front Slovakia: Bratislava captured by Malinovsky. Western Front Allied forces at Kassel, Gotha, Karlsruhe and Aschaffenburg. learn more

Diary April 3, 1940

German soldiers embarking ships for the invasion of Norway

Diary for Wednesday, April 3, 1940: Sea War First German Norway invasion ships sail. Air War Sunderland flying boat disperses formation of 6 Ju 88s attacking convoy in North Sea (one Ju 88 shot down; second makes crash-landing in Norway… learn more

Diary April 3, 1915

Diary for Saturday, April 3, 1915: Eastern Front Hoffmann diary: ‘Every day Russian airmen throw down proclamations on us: Surrender, lay down your arms, your wives and children are starving !’. Western Front Flanders: British mine buries 100 yards (ca.… learn more

Diary April 3, 1945

German anti-tank in action

Diary for Tuesday, April 3, 1945: Russian Front Austria: Tolbukhin captures Wiener Neustadt. Okinawa US Artillery spotter planes begin operating from Kadena airfield. Air War Germany: RAF bombers attacking Nordhausen. learn more

Diary April 2, 1940

aerial reconaissance pictures office of the Luftwaffe

Diary for Tuesday, April 2, 1940: Air War German aircraft raid Scapa Flow; on return flight they attack lighthouses, at Duncansby Head and Stroma Island. learn more

Diary April 2, 1915

Diary for Friday, April 2, 1915: Western Front First full-scale German gas trial behind lines, mildly gases the scientists responsible. Argonne: German attack at Bagatelle. Eastern Front Bukovina: No Austrian troops more in Russia after raiding 1 mile (1.61 km)… learn more

Diary April 2, 1945

captured Me 262 fighter-bomber

Diary for Monday, April 2, 1945: Western Front Montgomery’s forces capture Rheine Me 262 jet fighter-bomber base and Münster. learn more

Diary April 1, 1940

Wang Ching-wei

Diary for Monday, April 1, 1940: China Sino-Japanese War: Japanese-sponsored ‘Central Government of China’ established at Nanking, under Wang Ching-wei, a former colleague of Chiang Kai-shek. The Government is not recognized by Western Powers. Home Fronts France: Government Decree authorizes… learn more

Diary April 1, 1915

Diary for Thursday, April 1, 1915: Air War Dardanelles: In April first German airmen in action. Western Front: Lieutenant R Garros of Escadrille MS 23 in Morane ‘N’ shoots down Albatros two-seater near Dixmude. His 2nd victory follows on April… learn more

Diary April 1, 1945

Ship fires rockets on Okinawa

Diary for Sunday, April 1, 1945: Sea War Pacific: US 10th ARMY LANDS ON OKINAWA (Operation Glacier); captures Kadena and Yontan airfields­. Russian Front Russians take Sopron, southeast of Vienna. Koniev captures fortress of Glogow on the Oder. Western Front… learn more

Diary March 31, 1940

children filling sandbags

Diary for Sunday, March 31, 1940: Home Fronts Britain: A large proportion of people evacuated from cities in September 1939 have now drifted back home; only 300,000 schoolchildren, out of original one million, remaining in country reception areas. Sea War… learn more

Diary March 31, 1915

Diary for Wednesday, March 31, 1915: Western Front German Army ration strength 5,029,672 men. Sea War Germany: U-boats sank 29 ships (161 British lives lost) worth 89,517t in March, more than in whole war to date. Austria: Admiral Haus defends… learn more